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Join over half a million families and start saving for your child’s future with Embark today!

Start an account using the promo code RATEHUB100 and we’ll contribute $100 to your child’s education when you save $200.

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Saving for Their Future Couldn’t Be Easier

The Embark Student Plan supports you every step of the way towards achieving your child's post-secondary education goals.

Maximize Your Savings

Get up to $7,200 from the government for putting money towards your child's education.

Cutting Edge Digital Experience

Open your RESP in minutes and access your plan anytime anywhere.

Embark RESP Savings Calculator

Estimate Your Savings

Rate of Return

Your RESP Savings

$34,457 by 2041

Projected Savings

  • $21,300 Contributions
  • $4,260 Grants
  • $8,897 Income

Average Cost of Education

$114,024Tuition & Residence

This projection is based on assumptions and is for illustrative purposes only. Investment returns and actual future value of your RESP cannot be predicted or guaranteed.

Create Your Tomorrow

Every step you take towards saving for your child’s post-secondary education gets them one step closer to their dreams.

  • Simple, expert guidance to help make investing easy
  • Tailored advice to maximize government grants and help grow your savings faster
  • A state-of-the-art digital platform to track your savings target, adjust your contributions and withdraw smartly when the time comes

1.2 Million+

Families and students who enjoy the benefits of Embark registered education savings plans.


Students who have their post-secondary education costs covered every year with the help of Embark.

“I was pleasantly surprised with my return on my investments for both my children. I invested the amount that they recommended and both children have degrees and came out debt free.”

Clint P.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About RESPs and Embark