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Your Kids Will Thank You

Congratulations! You’re this close to helping your kids realize their dreams. Simply open up an RESP account below, and start saving for their future, today.

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1-2-3 RESP. It only takes 10 minutes to open your Embark Student Plan thanks to our amazing digital experience. And then you’re good to go.
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We speak fluent RESP. Whatever questions you may have, our experts are on standby for you.
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Getting started is easy.

Get your SIN numbers ready, both yours and your child’s, and open an Embark RESP today.

Still thinking about it? Check out this.

  • Our plan automatically adjusts to your timeline
  • Our simple, expert guidance makes investing easy
  • Savings are a click away thanks to our innovative digital platform
  • You can share your plan between your kids
A hand holding a smartphone displaying the "Embark Student Plan" app. The screen shows details of an "education savings" plan with a goal to collect $800 monthly, targeting $120,000