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Add RESPs to your corporate benefits

Get more out of your benefits by adding a Registered Education Savings Plans program to it!

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How We Can Support Your Business

We offer many programs to suit your needs, objective and vision. Our programs can help you bolster recruitment and retention, adding industry-leading tools to your organization’s offering.

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What is an RESP?

An RESP, or registered education savings plan, is a tax-advantaged savings account that helps you plan and save for a child’s post-secondary education. It can contain cash and other investment instruments, and the government will contribute funds towards your child’s education just for saving in one. Savings grow tax-free while in an RESP. When you withdraw funds for school, they’re taxed in the hands of the student, often meaning you’ll pay little to nothing in taxes, allowing you to put more of your savings towards their education.

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Customized Programs For Your Organization

Setting up an RESP program is simple: tell us your needs and we’ll build a bespoke program for you.

Any program you choose will always:

  • Be easy to set-up and free-of-charge
  • Have a dedicated account manager
  • Leverage our industry-leading digital management and insights tools
  • Offer RESP experts to host workplace sessions
  • Include RESP brochures and organizational materials
  • Include self-enrolment options for employees
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Interested in adding an RESP as an employee benefit?