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Calculate How to Make the Most of Your Education Savings

The cost of post-secondary education depends on several factors. Use the Embark RESP Calculator to see how much you’ll need and how your savings can grow over time.

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Let’s get saving

Estimate Your Savings

Rate of Return

Your RESP Savings

$34,088 by 2041

Projected Savings

  • $21,000 Contributions
  • $4,200 Grants
  • $8,888 Income

Average Cost of Education

$114,024Tuition & Residence

This projection is based on assumptions and is for illustrative purposes only. Investment returns and actual future value of your RESP cannot be predicted or guaranteed.

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Customized Guidance for You

Estimating your RESP savings is a good first step. When you open an Embark Student Plan, our savings specialists will work with you to create a custom plan that reflects the expected costs specific to your child’s education goals, maximizes government grants, and provides flexibility for the future.

Saving for the Future Has Never Been Easier

  • A plan that automatically adjusts to your timeline 
  • Simple, expert guidance helps make investing easy 
  • An innovative digital platform puts education savings at your fingertips 
  • Ability to share your plan between your children
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