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Get a $100 bonus or more


Ready to supercharge your child’s aspirations? Receive a welcome bonus of $100 for every $10,000* in RESP savings you transfer from another financial institution into an Embark Student Plan!

Here’s how it works:

Imagine turning your child’s dreams into reality while watching your savings grow! At Embark, we’re all about making your child’s future a little brighter, that’s why along with offering expert guidance throughout your savings journey, we’re boosting your savings when you transfer to the Embark Student Plan.

Step 1: Talk to an Expert

Give us a call or schedule a meeting! One of our Educations Specialists will efficiently walk you through the transfer-in process.

Step 2: Facilitate the Transfer

Get ready to boost your savings! With information provided, our team will help facilitate the transfer of your funds to your new plan.

Step 3: Receive your prorated bonus!

Once transferred, you will receive a prorated bonus depending on your transfer-in amount. This means if you deposited more than the $10,000 minimum, $15,000 for example, you will receive a $150 bonus.

What’s next? Sit back and save! Enjoy your boosted savings, the convenience of expert guidance, a plan tailored to your child’s age, savings trajectory tools, and flexible contribution planning — all at your fingertips!

*Please read Transfer-in terms and conditions here.

Embark RESP Savings Calculator

Estimate Your Savings

Rate of Return

Your RESP Savings

$34,088 by 2041

Projected Savings

  • $21,000 Contributions
  • $4,200 Grants
  • $8,888 Income

Average Cost of Education

$114,024Tuition & Residence

This projection is based on assumptions and is for illustrative purposes only. Investment returns and actual future value of your RESP cannot be predicted or guaranteed.

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Students who have their post-secondary education costs covered every year with the help of Embark.

“I was pleasantly surprised with my return on my investments for both my children. I invested the amount that they recommended and both children have degrees and came out debt free.”

Clint P.

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