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We Reinvest Our Success into Students

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Our not-for-profit parent company, the Embark Student Foundation, is solely focused on making education planning and saving more accessible for all. From the start, the foundation has reinvested our profits to support students and families across their post-secondary journeys. To date, it has awarded almost $57 million to Canadians to help with education savings.

Supporting Students on their Education Journey

Through the Embark Student Foundation, we use our profits to empower student potential–through awards, access to government grants, guidance and innovative thinking.

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Recognizing Outstanding Students

Almost $2 million has been awarded to students in recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions to their communities.

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Embark Student Foundation Major Grant Program

$2.7 million to post-secondary schools will enhance the student experience in Canada.

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Guiding the Way to Success

Tools, resources and expert advice that makes saving and planning for education much simpler.

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Innovating for the Future

Always looking ahead to launch new tools and approaches that support the student experience.

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$60 million

Paid out so far to support student potential through our foundation

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$2.7 million

Given to post-secondary schools to enhance the student experience in Canada

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$2 million

Awarded to students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and skilled trades studies

I am so grateful for this scholarship and the extra push it will give me towards landing my dream career in the 3D Industry!

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Embark Student Awards

Meet the 2022 student award recipients.

Create Your Tomorrow

You and your child are moving forward together. Every step gets you closer to everything you hope for and everything they can be. The Embark Student Plan gets you closer to the place where needs and dreams align. It’s one of the most important steps you’ll take to prepare their path to the future.

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