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How to Make Money Without a Summer Job

Khanysha Coppin
Khanysha Coppin

With the academic year quickly ending, many students are starting to set their sights on summer. Without classes to attend, papers to write and exams to study for, most use the sunny season as an opportunity to work. A summer job is a great way to maintain structure and save money for the following year. However, it is a commitment that may not be possible for some.

Whether you’re enrolled in summer classes, have a full-time internship, or just need some extra spending money, here’s a list of a few ways you can generate income without a traditional summer job.

Resale Platforms

If you’re in the mood to declutter your space or revamp your wardrobe, resale platforms are a great choice. Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Depop or Vinted are all examples of platforms where you can get rid of clothing or other items while being conscious of waste reduction and adding some room to your budget.

Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji are the most well-known for buying and selling second-hand. The process of selling is generally very streamlined. It’s as simple as making your account, taking a picture of the item you want to sell and filling in the information of the listing (item name, size, condition, price etc.).

Depop and Vinted are typically used for clothing, accessories and homeware. Both have seen increased popularity as the demand for unique, thrifted finds has gone up with recent fashion trends.

While these platforms are the most popular among students, it is important to be mindful of anyone who may want to scam you. It is recommended to meet in person and bring a trusted friend or relative with you to ensure your safety and only to exchange the item after payment has been received.

If the online exchange platforms aren’t your style, check your local resale or vintage store. They may offer cash upfront for gently used pieces.


Whether it’s a class you’ve taken previously or helping a younger student with simple addition, tutoring is another great way to make money over the summer. And you’ll have the benefit of attending sessions flexibly as it relates to you and your tutee’s availability.

So exactly how much money can you make from tutoring? In Canada, one session costs around $45/hour minimum on average and sometimes as high as $80. You can use this as a baseline and set up your rate depending on how long the session lasts, the difficulty of the subject and the quality of your service. A grade 3 math tutor will undoubtedly have a lower rate than one who helps students with their university level physics assignments.

An advantage of tutoring is that it can be more reliable than other methods. Sessions are typically recurring for the duration that the student needs your help. In this way there is a relatively steady stream of income that you can rely on and more importantly, budget for.

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

If you’re an animal lover, this may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Most people use summer as a chance to take a vacation and the same goes for pet owners. If they aren’t bringing their pet with them, then they’ll surely need someone to take care of their fur baby while they’re away.

What better way to spend your summer days than being outside and getting paid to do it? As a dog walker, you simply need to walk one or multiple dogs as scheduled, plan routes according to the animal’s needs, dispose of waste, and, if necessary, report back to the owners with any concerns. Dog walkers generally charge between $20-$30 for a half hour private walk.

If you prefer something less activity based, you can opt for pet sitting other animals like cats, birds and bunnies while their owner is away. You’ll take on all typical responsibilities of having a pet, providing food and water, cleaning their cage or litter box and taking them to veterinary appointments if needed. Pet sitters typically make between $15-$30/hour on average. Pet sitting and dog walking have fluctuating rates based on the animal’s needs and your location whether it be rural or urban.

Your Summer is up to You

Reselling items, tutoring and pet sitting or dog walking are only a few of ways to make money this summer without a job. Finding a way to balance all the demands of college life can be overwhelming, but staying creative, prioritizing your interests, and possible career gains, can open up enjoyable opportunities even while you’re working.

Khanysha Coppin
Written by Khanysha Coppin

Khanysha Coppin is a third-year psychology student at Concordia University. Khanysha is studying psychology with the intention of opening a practice to provide affordable therapy for BIPOC adolescents and young adults. In her free time Khanysha enjoys reading, writing poetry and short stories, as well as pursuing content creation.