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What is a Verification of Enrolment Form and How to Get One


Whether you’re a student or a parent, obtaining a Verification of Enrolment (VOE) form is a crucial step in accessing your education savings. In this article, we’ll delve into what a Verification of Enrolment form is and show you how to get one.

Understanding Verification of Enrolment (VOE) Forms

A Verification of Enrolment form, commonly known as a VOE form, is an official document provided by educational institutions to confirm a student’s enrolment status. This form serves as proof that a student is currently enrolled in a particular program at a trade school, college, or university. In the case of a Registered Educations Savings Plan (RESP), VOE’s are used to confirm a beneficiary’s enrolment so they can access their education savings.

What can a VOE be used for?

Verification of Enrolment forms are essential for both students and external parties for several reasons. They can be used for many things beyond submitting a withdrawal request from your RESP and may be required for other school-related requirements.

Insurance Purposes:

Many insurance companies require proof of enrolment to extend coverage to students, especially for health insurance or dependent coverage.

Loan Deferment:

Students who have loans, such as federal student loans, may need to provide a VOE form to defer loan payments while actively enrolled in an educational program.

Scholarship Applications:

Some scholarships require proof of enrolment to determine eligibility and disburse funds.

Employment Verification:

Employers may request a VOE form to verify a student’s enrolment status for employment purposes, such as internships or work-study programs.

Immigration Status Verification:

International students may need a VOE form to demonstrate their enrolment status to immigration authorities for visa purposes.

Why is a VOE Form Needed for RESP Withdrawals?

A VOE is used to confirm a beneficiary’s eligibility to withdrawal from their RESP.

RESP providers require proof of a student’s enrolment in an eligible post-secondary educational program to authorize withdrawals from the RESP. The VOE form provides official confirmation of the student’s enrolment status, ensuring that withdrawals are made for legitimate educational purposes.

For beneficiaries and their families, efficiently accessing savings is essential in financial planning for post-secondary. The VOE form streamlines the withdrawal, providing families a standardized method for confirming enrolment status while confirming to RESP providers that compliance requirements are being met.

By providing a VOE, beneficiaries can ensure smooth and timely withdrawals from their RESP accounts.

How to Get a Verification of Enrolment Form

Getting a VOE form your post-secondary institution typically involves the following steps:

  • Contact Your Educational Institution: Start by reaching out to the registrar’s office or the student services department at your educational institution. They will provide information on how to request a Verification of Enrolment form and any associated fees, if applicable.
  • Provide Required Information: You will likely need to provide specific information to request a VOE form, such as your full name, student ID number, date of birth, and the purpose for which you need the form.
  • Choose Delivery Method: Institutions may offer various delivery methods for the Verification of Enrolment form, including in-person pickup, mail delivery, or electronic delivery via email or secure online portal. Most schools/programs will provide easy access to view and print the VOE through your personalized student profile or center.
  • Submit Request and Payment (if applicable): Follow the instructions provided by your educational institution to submit your request for a VOE form. Some institutions may require a processing fee for issuing the form, so be prepared to make a one-time payment if necessary.
  • Receive and Review the Form: Once your request is processed, you will receive the Verification of Enrolment form. Review the document carefully to ensure that all information is accurate and complete.
  • Use the Form as Needed: Present the Verification of Enrolment form to the relevant parties. If you are submitting the VOE to your RESP provider, review their submission process.

Click here for information on how to upload your VOE to your secure account.

Whether you need it for your RESP, or one of its many other uses, obtaining a VOE form is a straightforward process that begins with contacting your educational institution’s registrar’s office or student services department.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can acquire the necessary documentation to fulfill your academic and administrative needs effectively. Embark is committed to assisting our students in navigating the administrative aspects of their educational journey, including obtaining Verification of Enrolment forms when needed. If you have trouble accessing yours or have any questions reach out to one of our Education Savings Specialist.

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